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Say Goodbye To Conflict

We’re so much more than an HR Department!

A stronger, more profitable organization begins with a stronger, more cohesive team. When companies fail, it’s often because of toxic work environments, not bad business plans.

If you find yourself dealing more with your employees than with your business, you need a proven way to reduce conflict and move on to making money.

My passion is helping organizations move from dysfunctional to functional, from unproductive to productive, and from stressed out to stress-free. So much easier and more affordable than hiring a full-time manager!

About Yvonne

Meet your new consultant!

With an M.A. in Leadership, I’ve spent over 20 years helping small to midsize business owners and leaders focus on production and profits, while I deal with the dysfunction of their teams. I offer my services virtually across North America, as well as from my beloved home of Abbotsford, BC.

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Two Engaging Approaches To Create Calm &
Profitable Work Environments:

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Comprehensive Coaching for Teams

Experience an easy and engaging approach to mediation, conflict resolution, and HR consulting. I work with both you and your team for 6 months (or more), offering training for all staff, including personality assessments and leadership development. Think of it as ‘HR Plus’.

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Executive Coaching for Business Owners

Executive Coaching for Business Owners

For owners and managers who are struggling with disrespect, accountability and drama from their staff. Together, we’ll get to a place where you feel in control of your business – and yourself.

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Group Leadership Coaching for Business Owners

A Unique Approach For Struggling Small Business Owners

Managing a team well is critical to success. Many small businesses fail not because of the business itself, but because owners aren’t able to manage their people in the right way. Don’t let this happen to you! Join my Group Leadership Coaching for Business Owners program, and we’ll help you learn to lead and inspire your people, without losing yourself in the process.

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