Conflict Management Skills - Abbotsford

Conflict Management Skills - Abbotsford

Conflict Mediation

Do you or your team ever experience conflict, dissension or communication breakdowns?
Have you ever been at a meeting in which the staff are bogged down with ego and needing to be right? Conflict is inevitable. Whether it is with your boss, your staff, your spouse or your child, you just cannot escape it. Learn some healthy ways to manage the conflict in your life today.

Do you wish everyone could just get along? Do you ever find yourself mired in conflict and confusion? Do you try to avoid conflict and let everyone else have their way? Conflict is a fact of life and you deal with it every day. Some people avoid it like the “plague” but did you know that conflict can actually be beneficial for your organization in many ways? Resolving conflict in a healthy way keeps you and your team grounded.

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