Business Relationship Management - Abbotsford

BBusiness Relationship Management - Abbotsford

Improving Relationships

Do you want to get along better with the important people in your life? Are you frustrated with some of your relationships? Relationships are the foundation of life and help us feel secure and loved. At the end of the day, they affect everything we do whether it’s two nations and their leaders, leadership teams, managers and employees, family or soul mates. Relationships are the heart and joy of life.

  • Boss – Manager
  • Manager – Direct Reports
  • Peer – Peer
  • Husband – Wife
  • Parents – Children

Yvonne brings something that very few Business Coaches have in their tool bag. Yvonne is a Certified Birkman Consultant using the very best tool among assessments for relational self awareness and self management. Understanding Yourself and Understanding Others Result in an active dance of Mutually Beneficial Relationships.

Using the services of a Business Coach, can be a life-changing experience. Some of us are not happy in our relationships, and wish that they could be more fulfilling. Relationships affect all aspects of our lives, and can influence how happy and successful we feel, both at work and at home. Getting help from an outside source can sometimes open your eyes to things you may not have noticed otherwise.

Yvonne is a person whose friendships and relationships have stood the test of time. She has been married to her husband, Fritz for 29 years, raised a son and four daughters, is a mother-in-law to three amazing people, has 6 grand-kids (two more on the way!) and has a close group of long-time friends. She has helped people reconcile seemingly impossible deadlocks in relationships through a combination of truth-telling and compassionate listening.

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