Business Team Building - Abbotsford

Business Team Building - Abbotsford

Team Building Activities

How is work? When you come home are you happy and satisfied with what you have accomplished? Or, are you frustrated with the day and the people you are working with? If you are working full-time, you likely spend more time with the people you work with than even your family and friends. Getting along with the people at work is imperative to enjoying life after work. 

Does your team struggle with important decisions? Does your team ever get lost in the details and grind to a halt? Would you like to create a team that works together with joy and passion? Having effective teams increases productivity, satisfaction and profits! 

* Building Trust 

* Dysfunctions of Teams 

* Conflict Managment Strategies & Role Plays

* Challenge Courses 

* Problem Solving Techniques

* Effective Interpersonal Communication  

* Emotional Intelligence (Being aware of yourself and managing your stress: being aware of others and managing relationships) 

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