Customer Testimonials


General Comments from workshop attendees & clients: 

* Great workshop! Happy to hear the team's desires in an open and honest forum. Good to get practical feedback and suggestions for the next steps we need to do as a team.

* Thanks Yvonne for your hard work and sharing your wisdom and heart. You listen and facilitate very well.

* Yvonne gives practical ways and methods of how to improve ourself. She is informative, inspiring and held us accountable to do the things we said we would do.

* Yvonne helped us to understand the everyday barriers to effective communication. 

* I can't imagine where we would have been in our organization if Yvonne was not here. She turned our negative, toxic work environment into a place where we enjoy to come.

* Since you have been here (6 months) our organization has grown by leaps and bounds! What a difference you have made.

* Yvonne, you simply get it. You understand what needs to be done in order to do things in a fair and equitable way, maintaining healthy relationships. Thank you!

Dear Yvonne, I learned through your behaviour that we have to be passionate and listen to others. You showed us how to be a "servant leader". You showed us how to come back when   things are down. You taught us to care for others no matter how our personalities may clash. You taught me to stay positive and persevere in the face of adversity. You taught me to         recognize that as a team player, I am never alone.

Thank You! Hilton (Workshop Attendee)

Dear Yvonne, My fiancé and I really enjoyed participating in the couples' discovery session with you. Your expertise in helping us to learn more about each other's strengths and weaknesses will definitely help to strengthen the foundation of our marriage. The simple and practical tips and suggestions that you offered throughout the discovery session will go a long way in supporting our new marriage. In addition, we also found your tools and techniques intuitive and approachable. It was truly a pleasant and fruitful experience.

Thank you! - Ivan (Relationship Coaching)

Dear Yvonne, I am exceptionally grateful to you for your investment in me. I learned so much about myself during our four month coaching program. Your time, energy and encouragement helped me to take important steps in my life and career that continue to bring health and happiness to me and my family. This journey has not been about "fixing," but about becoming the person I want to be. Knowing myself as I do now, I feel so much at peace.

Thanks so much! - Christiane (Personal Coaching Client)

Under Yvonne's leadership, I grew in confidence and ability. As a first-time supervisor, I had a significant learning curve. Yvonne challenged me to be a better leader, but not without offering the tools and mentorship to empower me along the way. Yvonne breathed new life into our team's projects and activities. She lent her skill and expertise to develop a much needed annual plan and dedicated much time and effort to building us up as fundraisers and team players. I am exceptionally grateful for the opportunity I've had to work with Yvonne.

– Christiane (Employee)

“Yvonne’s easy and engaging manner enables her to connect quickly with her clients. With her vast hands-on experience, she can be relied on to deliver pragmatic ideas that have been tested in the day-to-day. Her style is creative and she always brings the fun.”

-Amanda (Workshop Participant)